Thursday, November 17, 2011

NLE 2011 and PRC Site Looking for uptime on their website

Have you ever experienced that the PRC web site went down this last 12 months on their way to release the official record of board passers for your July 2011 nle result. The purpose is simply since the IT administrators produced a mistake of featuring a result that was too big a file for pdf and eventually for that website to handle. The resulting result is that, the web site grew to become unavailable could for greater than each day to all nurses who took the nursing licensure exam final July 2011.

I just hope this coming December 2011 NLE result or early following year if the Professional Regulation Commission releases their new set of board passers, there will likely be no problem in any way with their uploaded official consequence of board passers. NLE is really a yearly occasion twice a 12 months so there should be no space to produce a error for the IT handlers of the web site.

I hope they will not make exactly the same mistake since it's a waste of authorities funds and at some point, people’s funds doing that. By widespread feeling, large file will eventually get also extended to load add up the bulk of guests from the countless countless numbers who'll occur over to visit the site to determine whenever they passed the examination. Anyway, the solution is easy, make the file little for loading time to not consume up the bandwidth of the website and ultimately, not turn the web site down even in occasions of an upsurge of large large site visitors coming from visitors trying to see if they move a board exam.

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