Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NLE Deadline of Filing of Application for Examination 2011

Are you a nurse and looking forward to take the upcoming nursing board exam 2011 schedule this coming December 18-19, 2011? Well, if that is so, please make sure that you will be filing for your application for examination so you can take the licensure test before the year ends in 2011.

Official schedule of filing of application already happened last September 16, 2011 for repeaters while the schedule for first time takers was scheduled last October 21, 2011. Be sure to have taken your slot and for those who have already taken the exam a couple of weeks ago, good luck to all of you future RNs of the Philippines.

For those looking forward to be included in the list of passers for the nursing board exam result 2011, please visit this page or subscribe to us using our subscription box and we will send you updates automatically. Otherwise, we would like to refer you to another weblog we write and will put of the official results here.

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